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    There is no larger household pest problem in the United States than Ants. Ants are also one of the biggest frustrations homeowners deal with. They can get into just about any access point available in your home. Los Angeles ant extermination is the most common request we get. Many homeowners try to kill them but can only get to the ants they can see rather than being able to penetrate and destroy nests.

    Types of Ants in Los Angeles:

    There are over 10 different types of ants that may infest a home including::

    Acrobat Ant Fire Ant
    Allegheny Mound Ant Harvest Ant
    Arentine Ant Moisture Ant
    Bigheaded Ant Odorous Ant
    Carpenter Ant Pavement Ant
    Citronella Ant Pharaoh Ant
    Field Ant Thief Ant


    About Ants:

    • What they eat: Sweet or greasy foods or crumbs
    • Where they live: Ants can live anywhere inside or around your home including your lawn, walls, trees, under your house, and many other areas
    • Chemical Communicators: Ants communicate by exuding pheromones which are invisible chemicals that they also use to create a trail or other ants once they find food.
    • Nest Sizes: An ant nest can contain a colony of ants up to even 500,000 members.
    • Life expectancy: A worker any lives up to 6-7 years while the queen can exceed 14 years of age.

    Why Ants Come Back

    The ants you can see are just a tiny portion of the size of the colony which lives within the nest. Killing ants by spraying them where you see them is a temporary solution that will typcially last no longer than a day. This is because it is treating only the ones you see, not the rest of the colony.

    To get rid of your ants, contact us today so we can schedule an appointment to assess and treat your ant problem.



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