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    Cockroach Identification & Control

    The American cockroaches are the largest household cockroach pests. They are 2 inches in length, have an oval shaped body and 6 legs. They are reddish brown in color with a yellowish eight figure pattern on the back of their head. They never grow wings until they become adults.

    Areas of Infestations:

    Cockroaches are largely found in:

    • Food storage areas¬†(pantry)
    • Kitchen
    • Pipes
    • Damp areas


    As a result of the habits and the areas they prefer most, American cockroaches spread many diseases. In the United States alone, these pests are known to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, 6 different kinds of parasitic worms, and 7 other pathogens. While crawling through decay or sewage, their spines pick up germs. These germs are protected under their bodies and can remain active for weeks. The pathogens lead to contamination when they contact silverware, water or food. This can lead to severe health problems.
    Recent studies have shown that contact with American cockroaches lead to allergic reactions which affect children severely. This problem is common among the inner city kids. Medical studies have also shown that these cockroaches can cause asthma in kids. This is due to the buildup of the allergens deposited in droppings, cast skin, dead bodies and secretions.

    The health concern is a result of these pests crawling over dirt and walking over food and other items in the house. They lead to food contamination, allergic reactions, asthma and many other illnesses especially in kids.

    Infestation Facts

    • The Cockroach can multiply at a rate of up to 150 offspring per birth
    • Cockroach feces have chemicals that attract other Cockroaches
    • Cockroaches can withstand long periods of starvation and go without water for days

    How to Protect your Home

    The first step in protecting your home is to have it inspected for cockroaches. Our trained pest control & extermination technicians will do that for you when you call or contact us using our discount coupon form. In addition you should do the following:

    • Keep cooking and eating areas clean
    • Seal entry ways
    • Fix leaky pipes

    Call us now before the damage or infestation gets worse.¬† We’re here to help.

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