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    Rodent Identification & Control

    Rodents breed rapidly causing rapid infestation. They have serious preservation instincts which make them difficult to control and present a serious risk to your home and family. Here’s what you need to know about these pests:


    • Health risks: Rats can carry and pass on a number of serious diseases. They may also carry other disease-ridden parasites including fleas, lice, and ticks into your living space.
    • Control Challenges: Rats have a high level of instincts which make them wary of bait and traps as control measures. They colonize in hard to reach places such as walls, attics, burrows, and under porches.


    • Health risks: Mice may carry diseases such as Hantavirus. Deer mice, common to Los Angeles can carry this disease. This can cause pulmonary syndrom which can be fatal. CDC Report Mice can also contaminate more food than they eat, making their ability to transmit disease even more diverse.

    • Control Challenges: One pair of mice may produce hundreds of offspring within a few months making infestations in short periods of time.

    Facts About Rodents

    Rats and mice are warm blooded just like us. They are a universal pest and are present world wide. Their teeth grow rapidly. They will chew on everything, everywhere causing large amounts of damage in and around your home.

    Rodents generally breed rapidly. Some are year round breeders. They can squeeze through spaces easily, some smaller than a quarter. Holes that appear too small to squeeze through are generally accessible to rodents as they possess soft cartilage instead of rigid structure in their bodys. Any hole encountered should be stuffed with steel wool and sealed to prevent access.

    Many of the species feed on grain and seed. However, they will generally eat most anything. Food housed in cardboard containers is not safe from being accessed by rodents.


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