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    Other Pests in Los Angeles

    In addition to some of the insects you may be familiar with there other types of pest control Los Angeles residents need.

    Spiders, ticks, thrips, fleas and a multitude of other pests are common for Los Angeles pest control needs. We can help you with them.

    Spiders common to Los Angeles

    A variety of spiders are common to Los Angeles, including:

    • Black Widow
    • Tarantulas
    • Trap Door
    • Recluse
    • Ground Spiders
    • Wolf Spiders


    • Health risks: Certain spiders inject poisonous venom into their prey and / or for defense purposes. Some spider bites can be life threatening. It is always best to use caution or call a pest control professional when dealing with spiders.

    Ticks, Fleas, Thrips

    Ticks and fleas are largely parasitic insects which are found both on humans and animals. Both are well known for spreading disease. The American dog tick, deer tick, lone star tick, and black legged ticks are common problems. Some ticks (ie the deer tick) can carry lyme and other diseases.

    Fleas share the same problems for humans as they also feed on the blood of other organisms, perpetuating disease.

    Thrips are found in vegetation and are largely responsible for destroying crops and proliferate quickly. They can also invade your home and have been known to bite.

    Call us today to help with any of your pest control problems. We service all of Los Angeles.


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