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    Flies: Identification & Control

    Flies may carry a larger number of bacteria and pathogens than most other insects. They most take land frequently and often do so on decaying and unsanitary matter, picking up diseases and transmitting them to additional places they land.

    About Flies

    Flies have 2 wings instead of 4 seen on many other insects. The USDA estimates that flies destroy billions of dollars worth of agricultural and food products every year..

    • Health risks: Flies can carry and pass on a number of serious diseases including:


    Cholera Polio
    Typhoid Fever Tuberculosis
    Dysentery Staph
    Hepatitis Salmonella


    • Life Cycle: Flies may live from seven days up to 365 days.
    • Reproduction: Flies can produce more than 1,000,000 larvae within 2 months time.

    Treating Flies

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