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    Mosquito Identification & Control

    Mosquitos are long legged insects with a long proboscis (nose) which they use to penetrate skin. They are commons all over the United States and have a long history of disease transmision.

    About Mosquitos

    Female mosquitos are parasitic (feed on blood) while male mosquitos feed on flower nectar. There is no easy way to tell the difference by the naked eye. However if you are bitten it is a female that is either attempting to feed.

    • Health risks: Mosquitos can carry and pass on a number of serious diseases including:
    • Places Mosquitos live: Mosquitos can live in all of the following areas easily:
      • Stagnant water
      • Puddles
      • Ponds
      • Marshes
      • Swamps
      • Humid areas
    • Development: Mosquitos eggs hatch within 48 hours and turn into larvae for approximatlely 10 days. They then enter a pupae stage and emerge as an adult.
    • Reproduction: A female mosquito can lay as manay as 300 eggs at a time.

    Treating Mosquitos

    • Reproduction Response – a portion of our treatment is to identify and treat larvae so they cannot develop, thereby reducing population growth
    • Habitat Response – a second portion of our treatment is to treat inhabited areas

    Consistency is key in treating mosquitos as they can cover long distances and migrate from area to area. Our treatment repels them and should be done on a consistent basis as these pests can migrate easily.

    Facts About Mosquitos

    Mosquitos are known as one of the United States most dangerous pests due to their propensity to carry life threatening diseases. Some things you can do to reduce mosquitos around your home:

    • Eliminate standing / stagnant water
    • Thin out trees / shrub / other vegetation where they inhabit


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