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    Silverfish: Identification & Control

    Silverfish are small wingless insects. The name is derived from it’s silvery light grey and blue colors which combine to form a fish-like appearance. They feed on anything that has polysaccharides.

    About Silverfish

    In reproduction, the silverfish has a 3 phase ritual which lasts for over 30 minutes. The female lays up to 60 eggs at a time. The eggs are generally deposited into crevices which take up to two months to hatch. The hatched nymphs molt upwards of 50 times to becaome an adult living for up to 7-8 years.

    • Health risks: Food and water contamination
    • Damage: Extensive destruction is not unusual with a silverfish infestation as they consume just about everything
    • Food Sources: Silverfish eat anything that has polysaccharides which can include
      • Paper
      • Sugar
      • Book Bindings
      • Glue
      • Clothing
      • Hair
      • Carpet


    Silverfish Pest Control

    Silverfish are not susceptible to every common pesticide agent. It is crucial to call a pest control company for a consultation. Call us today to have us assess your infestation. We are highly experienced with silverfish pest control and have treated a large number of homes in Los Angeles for this pest.

    Silverfish left uncontrolled will cause significant damage to your home or business.

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